Author: Irune Agirre

Last Industrial Advisory Board meeting took place in IAV premisses in Berlin on the 1st of December. In this meeting the project has shared project results with the industrial experts, mainly focusing on demonstrators evaluation results:

  • Project overview
  • UP2DATE middleware and research demonstrator results
  • Railway use case results
  • Automotive use case results
  • Dissemination and exploitation
As usual, the experts provided very valuable feedback and advice, highlighting that the overall status seems very...

We start September with a presential meeting in Barcelona! The Barcelona Supercomputing Center has hosted this 3-day long meeting in Barcelona with the main goal of finalising integration and start the collection of project results! 3 days full of integration work, definition of our final event, visit to the Supercomputer and first tests of a complete update on the use-cases!...

The 2022 HiPEAC conference held in Budapest, was hosting the 10th edition of the mixed-criticality workshop. The revelance of mixed-criticality systems is on the rise. While 10 years ago, in the first edition, we where mainly discussing their integration in multicore platforms from a research point of view, it has been awesome to follow up their evolution and industrial adoption in the last years. This was the main goal of the Mixed-criticality...