Automotive Use Case

  • The Automotive Use Case will include UP2DATE technology to guarantee the fulfilment of the Safety and Security requirements during the remote software update of any of the tens of Electronic Control Units (ECU) with which the new generation cars are equipped; even those related to safety functions like brake management.


  • The inclusion of UP2DATE framework aims reducing the number of recall and service campaigns up to 90%, reducing the postproduction and maintenance costs considerably.


  • UP2DATE framework will enable automatic updating operations in safe conditions without going to a service point and respecting data security constraints, which is an important benefit for the car makers and users.


  • UP2DATE technology will be installed in each of the main three components of the update architecture: the In-Vehicle Platform which will be connected to the Customer Backend infrastructure (Server or private cloud) by a Gateway over a 4G/5G Network.


      • Given the strict resource constraints of the automotive domain, the integration of UP2DATE technology in the automotive ECUs should not increase CPU load more than 10% and should comply with safety and security frameworks and standards (AUTOSAR, ISO26262, IEC62443).


      • UP2DATE gateway, apart from the update functionality, will include resource demanding applications, like infotainments. This will imply more and more reliable network-based structures, real-time architectures as well as mixed-criticality solutions.