Fourth UP2DATE technical workshop at its halfway point

Fourth UP2DATE technical workshop at its halfway point

UP2DATE has reached the halfway point of its plan in June, and with it, first project results are about to be completed. During the last two days, all our partners got together in our fourth digital technical workshop to update each other on the technical advances, discuss latest project progress and next steps.

The first day was purely dedicated to technical work packages, starting with the overview of the safety-security concept and certification strategy of WP3 which was followed by a very interesting discussion about the securization of the different communication interfaces. While the consortium is ultimating the design decisions in this regard, our partner IAV (which is leading this task) has been involved in the preparation of the Server and remote connection to it, and the current setup was presented to all partners during the workshop.

Then the focus shifted towards the advances in WP4, and more particularly on the definition and implementation of the online update procedure both for the gateway and for the end-devices that will be employed in the project railway (CAF) and automotive (Marelli and TTT) use-cases. As part of this process, we have also agreed on the server architecture and tools, which is ready to start integrating the UP2DATE specific tools used or developed by the different partners. The day ended with an update of the monitoring strategy and current implementation status in WP5.

The second day started by digging deeper into technical details of contract-based update validation approaches and monitoring implementation, where the current implementation of the services was presented to the rest of the partners by OFF and BSC. Then, IKL did the same for the security fingerprinting and security auditor implementations.

Last part of the workshop was devoted to review deliverable status and prepare our next meeting with the Industrial Advisory Board and our next M18 review meeting. In this slot the partners have the opportunity to share the demo videos that are under preparation.

Thanks to all our partners for the in-depth discussions and for contributing to the progress of UP2DATE. Let’s hope that we can physically meet next time!