UP2DATE  has defined a brief gender equality plan (GEP) which has the following global objectives:

  • GOAL1: Strengthen and spread the culture of equality in the consortium.
  • GOAL2: Disseminate UP2DATE consortium’s commitment to equality and promote the activation of an egalitarian culture.
  • GOAL3: Incorporate the gender perspective in UP2DATE management.
  • GOAL4: Ensure an open and inclusive working environment, the visibility of women in the consortium and externally and that the contribution of women is properly valued.
  • GOAL5: Gender balance in leadership and decision-making.


In order to fulfil the objectives different actions have been defined. These have been grouped in three different work lines:

  • Equality Culture
    • Disseminate the Equality Plan to the consortium in informative talks.
    • Show to the consortium the gender situation.
    • Promote activities to socialize gender equality (talks, actions oriented to specific dates, above all, giving visibility to UP2DATE researchers).
    • Offer training pills on equality to the consortium.
    • Take care of using non-sexist communication on digital platforms.
    • Monitor and analyse equality data.
  • Social Responsibility
    • Include in UP2DATE communication media the commitment to equality.
    • Disseminate (through social networks, web news…) the equality activities promoted by UP2DATE.
    • Disseminate STEM2 vocations by accessing educational centres with UP2DATE researchers, and/or organizing talks.
  • Management from a gender perspective
    • Include the gender variable in UP2DATE data (statistics, studies and reports).
    • Monitor the equity of representation in technical and management boards.