The consortium has set up an Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) composed of relevant organizations representing different interests on the project results, covering from potential end users of the project’s results to relevant research or certification organizations. The IAB will be the main consulting body for UP2DATE, and they supplement the consortium with their advice and feedback on the main technical aspects of the project (requirements, objectives, milestones, results), as well as contribute to its validation and future expectations in other sectors.

The main objectives of this board are the following:

  • To incorporate to the project the input of potential end users.
  • To collect an external and independent view and feedback regarding the project progress and results.
  • To disseminate project results among relevant stakeholders and to maximize the project awareness.


Currently, the IAB is formed by several stakeholders (technology developers, potential end‐users from a variety of sectors, certification bodies and associations):



Jorge Robles

(CEO & Co-founder)


Gebhard Bouwer

(BU Manager Functional Safety)


Christos Sofronis

(Software Technologies Team Leader)

Achim Rettberg

(BHTC Endowed Professorship)


Stephan Marwedel

(Technical Expert at Airbus)


The IAB meets at least every year in a face to face workshop, where the project progress and results are presented to them. Moreover, they have access to specific deliverables to review them.