On the occasion of the International day of Women and girls in science, celebrated on the 11th of February, our project coordinator, Irune Agirre, has been sharing her experience as a woman in technology with students from secondary education. Find out more about her experience through this interview!

Irune Agirre (Ibarra, 1990)  “I HAVE ALWAYS FELT IN THE RIGHT PLACE” Irune Agirre is a researcher in the area of reliable embedded systems at...

2020 is over and with it, UP2DATE completes its first year! It has been a complex year for all of us, and UP2DATE partners made a lot of effort to collectively adapt to the new circumstances! We are very proud of the UP2DATE progress in this 2020, which would not have been possible without the high level of adaptability, flexibility and involvement of the whole consortium.

The UP2DATE consortium is organising a set of internal technical talks for sharing the expertise on relevant technical topics for the project. In this first series of UP2DATE TechTalks Frank Poppen from OFFIS gave an introduction into MULTIC Timing Contracts.

Today the project has held the second Industrial Advisory Board meeting with which we have concluded a 3-day technical workshop. During the series of meetings, that started last week, the consortium has reviewed the work done so far and discussed about the next steps of the project. As a result, technical work packages WP3, WP4 and WP5 have already kicked-off, with many interesting challenges ahead! This was also one of the...

After 6 months from its kick-off, the UP2DATE project has completed its first milestone and has successfully accomplished its goals. The efforts in this initial phase have focused on the definition of project requirements and success criteria, the selection and setup of the hardware and software platforms and on an initial safety and security analysis of such platforms.

The industrial advisory board (IAB) of UP2DATE, comprised of industrial experts of different domains, met last Friday for the first time. In the meeting, which run virtually, the project coordinator gave an overview of UP2DATE and IAB members answered with their first impressions. First feedback comment affirms that "the project seems very interesting and ambitious, with lots of interesting challenges. We are eagering to follow up the advances closely".