2020 is over and with it, UP2DATE completes its first year! It has been a complex year for all of us, and UP2DATE partners made a lot of effort to collectively adapt to the new circumstances! We are very proud of the UP2DATE progress in this 2020, which would not have been possible without the high level of adaptability, flexibility and involvement of the whole consortium.

On the technical side, the year was divided in two main periods:

  • On the first six months the partners focused on requirement definition, hardware and software selection and setup of the different variants of new generation high-performance embedded platforms, hypervisor and real-time operating systems on which UP2DATE technology will be integrated and demonstrated.
  • On the second half, we have covered the definition of the concepts and theoretical aspects of the UP2DATE architecture. This includes the implications of functional safety and cybersecurity in the architecture and update procedure, modular update concepts based on contract-based design practices and controllability and monitoring concepts.


On the other hand, it has been a very fruitful year for the establishment of project management mechanisms and collaboration among partners:

  • In addition to the periodic technical work package and project progress meetings, UP2DATE partners have organized a series of technical talks where different partners have shared their background on technical topics with the rest of the partners. In these talks we have gone through topics as diverse as design-by-contracts, measurement-based timing analysis of complex platforms, automotive domain architecture and the UNECE software update regulation.
  • The consortium has set up an Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) composed of relevant organizations representing different interests on the project results, covering from potential end users of the project’s results to certification bodies and associations. The IAB has participated in 2020 by reviewing project deliverables and by giving their opinion and feedback after first project milestone.
  • We held the first review meeting with the European Commission to assess the progress done on the first nine months of the project.


Finally, UP2DATE has also been active in dissemination activities during this 2020. We have organized workshops, participated in conferences and we have published our first press releases and papers that can be read from the publications tab.

Now we are ready to move on to 2021, to build upon the concepts settled in 2020 and to continue the hard work towards the objectives of the project.

The UP2DATE team wishes you a happy and prosperous 2021!