UP2DATE in the 10th edition of the Mixed-criticality workshop

UP2DATE in the 10th edition of the Mixed-criticality workshop

The 2022 HiPEAC conference held in Budapest, was hosting the 10th edition of the mixed-criticality workshop.

The revelance of mixed-criticality systems is on the rise. While 10 years ago, in the first edition, we where mainly discussing their integration in multicore platforms from a research point of view, it has been awesome to follow up their evolution and industrial adoption in the last years.

This was the main goal of the Mixed-criticality workshop where UP2DATE was participating too. We went through different european research projects working on the topic and discussed on the future research directions with emerging topics such as the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in the critical domain. Our project partners from IKERLAN, Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) and DLR participated in its organization. The day was organized in three main slots with the following agenda and more than 30 people participated in the workshop:

High Performance Secured and Safe platforms (Chair: Axel Brando – BSC)

  • Safe GNU/Linux in the SELENE Platform [OPENTECH] –> SELENE
  • Progress on the development of a Qualified Hypervisor on high-performance platforms for Aerospace Applications [FENTISS] –> HERMES

Artificial Intelligent Dependable Autonomous Systems (Chair: Irune Agirre – IKERLAN)

  • A Safe AI-as-a-Service Toolkit [University of Pisa] –>TEACHING
  • AI-based Scheduling for Safety criticality Systems. [ University of Siegen]
  • Uncertainty modelling with neural networks [BSC]

Continuum development (Chair: Kim Grüttner – DLR)

  • SAfe SEcure SW Updates [IKERLAN] –> UP2DATE
  • Safe and Secure SW ToolChain [DLR] –> XANDAR
  • COVR – Towards Simplified Evaluation and Validation of Collaborative Robotics Applications Across a Wide Range of Domains Based on Robot Safety Skills [FRH] –> COVR

Lets go for the 11th edition now!