UP2DATE meets the Industrial Advisory Board

UP2DATE meets the Industrial Advisory Board

Together with the last presential meeting organised by Ikerlan in San Sebastian, UP2DATE organized the first hybrid meeting with the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB).

After several virtual meetings with the IAB throughout the project, this time the consortium organized a hybrid meeting and met some of the members of the Industrial Advisory Board in person for the first time!

Even if this one was in a different format, it was already the third meeting held with the project IAB, and the consortium is extremely happy to see how project concepts and results are each time closer from industrial needs.

The meeting resulted in overall feedback and a number of recommendations that partners are taking into account for the last project phase. Among them, the following can be highlighted:

  • The presented implementations and demonstrations show that project status is impressive
  • Lots of advances have been done in the project and there was much progress in the cybersecurity part
  • The IAB would like to know more about the advances done on the certification side and the application to other domain
  • Concepts for more fine grained updates could be considered in a future based on current work