UP2DATE presence on dissemination events

UP2DATE presence on dissemination events

During last months our consortium has been present in some events and will continue doing so in the coming months!

The most relevant events of June were the following:

  • Our colleague Alejandro Calderon from Ikerlan presented his paper about GPU-accelerated railway control systems on the 34th International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems (ARCS 2021) on the 7th of June.
  • Leonidas Kosmidis, from BSC, was present at the European Workshop on On-board data processing (OBDP-2021) on the 15th of June, presenting his work about reliable machine learning acceleration, where the benchmarks adapted in UP2DATE were used as baseline for performance evaluation.
  • Imanol Mugarza, from Ikerlan, attended the IEEE International Workshop of Electronics, Control, Measurement, Signals and their application to Mechatronics (ECMSM-2021) on the 22nd of June. There he presented his research work titled “Cetratus: Live Updates in Programmable Logic Controllers”.


And we have already planned plenty of events for the near future, which we are glad to announce that they have been already accepted:

  • On early september, the second edition of the DepDevOps workshop will take place within the SafeComp-2021 conference. This workshop is organized in collaboration between Adeptness EU project and UP2DATE and will host very insteresting keynotes and paper presentations on the topic of dependable DevOps methodologies for critical systems.
  • We are delighted to announce that this year we will attend the Autonomous conference in September, presenting UP2DATE in the Workshop for the EU funding projects.
  • Together with our partners from the Mixed-criticality forum, this year we are organizing again the next edition of the mixed-criticality workshop on “Dependable and secure Intelligent Cyber-physical Systems (CPS)”. UP2DATE will be involved not only in the organization, but also as chairs and speaker of a session presenting the most representative project advances.


Finally, the Microprocessors and Microsystems journal has accepted our extended version of a project paper, titled “Safe and secure software updates on high-performance mixed-criticality systems: the UP2DATE approach”.

We will keep you informed about all these future events!