UP2DATE ready to kick-off industrial evaluation phase

UP2DATE ready to kick-off industrial evaluation phase

A great year has started for UP2DATE, after two years of concept definition, design and implementation, we are ready to work on integration and evaluation on industrial case studies.

The consortium has organized a new technical workshop to keep working on the integration of the different UP2DATE components and services.

During 3 days, we have gone trough the implementation details of the second UP2DATE release, which will be ready for industrial evaluation from April on, during the final evaluation phase of the project.

To make sure that industrial case studies are also ready to integrate UP2DATE services in this last project phase, on January the last project work-package kicked off, to start preparing the demonstrators and the corresponding evaluation plans. UP2DATE demonstrators will show the results of integrating the developed over-the-air software updates concept in two industrial domains, as well as on a challenging research demonstrator:

  • The railway case study seeks to achieve a 50% long term cost reduction during both the installation phase and the maintenance activities during the whole product life cycle.
  • In the automotive domain, the main goal is to reduce the number of recall and service campaigns up to 90%, reducing the postproduction and maintenance costs considerably.
  • Finally, the research demonstrator will integrate a pedestrian detector application that will show the application of more challenging UP2DATE technologies in emerging autonomous systems.